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Some businesses, both brands and agencies, have extensive resources and can do just about anything themselves. More often, though, a company has clear and significant strengths and several areas of opportunity. That’s the nice way of saying “You do what you do very well, but the things that you don’t specialize in, you don’t do very well!” So where do you go to complement your internal resources with a highly skilled partner who’s willing to keep their work with you on the “DL” but will add their considerable value to your programs? And is this a smart move?


In the agency world when a client asks you to work anonymously, we call this “white-labeling.” In these situations the partner will act on behalf of the client, whether it’s an agency working with another end client or a brand without disclosing that they’re an outside party. Often this happens when the client wants everyone to think they made the action happen themselves, which is totally okay! 

There’s real value in outsourcing part or even all of a specific program when you have a trusted partner who’s able to provide services that exceed expectations and earn a “Job Well Done” for your team while remaining in the background and ensuring that the kudos go to your brand or agency.

Some reasons to go the White Label route:

Expertise – while your crew is extremely capable of many marketing initiatives, there can be one or several elements of a program that you just don’t have reliable experience with. 

Budget – you don’t have internal resources to perform the service cost effectively.

Time – while the project could be completed successfully internally, you have way too many current projects to give this particular program the time and attention it requires.

If Google does it, it must be a smart thing, right? 

When you consider taking advantage of all the resources available to you when partnering with a white labeled provider, there are critically important factors to consider. Do you trust the potential partner implicitly for both quality of work and confidentiality? Do you have the appropriate documents in place to protect all parties? Who owns the product of the partnership? There are all majorly important questions and questions that every party should know the answer to. Now with all that being said… Using a white label partner sounds pretty good, right? Well if you’re ever in need remember that Moderne’s there for ya!


Post by Moderne Communications
Jul 8, 2022 11:30:00 AM