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By Moderne Communications on December 10, 2018

You got WHAT out of a Vending Machine?

Creative vending machines have always been one of our favorite experiential mediums. Whether they share heart-warming messages, exclusive fan merch, or a secret room, vending machines are a unique way to bring attention to your brand. Check out some of our favorite vending machines of 2018 below!

Reese's Halloween Candy Exchange Machines

It’s safe to say Reese's lovers in New York had the best Halloween of 2018. In Sleepy Hollow, NY and New York City, Reese's brought their Halloween Candy Swap Vending Machines to Reese's lovers. People were invited to bring their non-Reese's Halloween candy, drop it into the machine, and in exchange get the candy they really wanted - Reese's!

ny-1541009716-h42y7urwku-snap-imageSource: nydailynews.com

Uniqlo Vest Vending Machines

Best way to differentiate a tourist from a local in San Francisco? Look for the people in branded San Francisco sweatshirts that appear to be freezing. The most common mistake people make when packing for a trip to Northern California, is bringing t-shirts, shorts - really any summer clothing. They forget that not all of California sees that beautiful summer weather. Uniqlo had the genius idea to capitalize on this by placing a vending machine in the San Francisco Airport. These machines offered vests for tourists experiencing chilly weather in San Francisco.

Adidas World Series Gear Vending Machine

During the World Series this year, adidas set up vending machines in sports bars in Boston and Los Angeles to offer autographs and team merch to Red Sox and Dodgers fans. But the machines had a twist - the gear to be dispensed was determined by the course of the game. So if LA Dodger Justin Turner hit a home run, the vending machine would unlock Justin Turner gear. The whole thing was an experience, with promotional products front and center. If you're reading this, you already know how effective that is. After this activation, it's likely other folks will take notice, too. And that's a win for everybody.

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Published by Moderne Communications December 10, 2018