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You’ve got your event planned down to the smallest detail……or so you think. Let’s say you’re doing a fall sampling event with a target audience of families of a specific household income out enjoying a glorious sunny day. You chose a location where this population is well represented, you got a permit to use the space from the appropriate local organization. Your delicious samples are fresh, packaged beautifully, and you’ve got plenty to share with consumers. The promotional materials are ready to distribute, and there’s even a coupon for future purchases. Your booth is fully branded, your brand ambassadors are cheerful and knowledgeable, and they arrived on time and in dress code. You’re so pleased with yourself and how you’ve got all the bases covered for this activation to be a success.

And then!!

The sky turns dark and clouds swoop in quickly, and you hear the not-so-distant roar of thunder. As the skies open up, the families scatter to take cover. Your beautiful samples are getting soaked, the brand ambassadors are drenched and cranky, and the marketing materials are damp and soggy. The event is a bust, because even if the sun comes out your goods are practically ruined. Oops! How did this happen, after all your diligent planning?

Now let’s turn back time a little and let us help you understand how valuable it is to have experiential experts help you from the very beginning of the planning process. Here are some of the things we can do for you in the planning stages that will in most cases allow you to have a successful brand experience despite unexpected situations. Here’s a sample checklist.

1. Plan a “Plan B” – Say there is inclement weather, have a potential backup location or an exit strategy. Tarps, branded rain gear, and umbrellas are an essential add to your event tool kit. Another important thing to keep in mind is never put all of your assets out at the same time. If it starts to rain and every single postcard you produced is on the event table, you have nothing to replenish with in a crunch. Whether you store them in your car or in a waterproof container you should always have some set aside for safe keeping.

2. Warn all parties of potential inclement weather. Stay on top of checking the weather leading up to the event so every vendor, client, and internal teammate is aware there may need to be some flexibility.

3. Be aware and willing to lose the day. Safety is of the upmost priority, so while everyone will be bummed you may have to bite the bullet and call it.


While we at Moderne can’t influence the weather, we can absolutely manage the challenges that inclement weather may bring by being proactive. Our experience contributes to your success, “weather” or not!

Post by Moderne Communications
October 21, 2021