Historically, brands have been told they need seven consumer touchpoints to convert a sale. New studies show that you may need to interact with your consumer a whopping 21 times before a conversion …. That’s a lot of impressions!


So how do you do it?


You have digital ads, print ads, maybe some video, but what are you doing to reach your consumer while they’re on the go?


Billboards are a traditional OOH media element, but at Moderne we always recommend breaking with tradition and surprising your consumer with unique media placements. This is where wild postings and chalk stencils come into play. 


Do you have to do both? No! BUT the most effective marketing campaigns are varied.


A combination of wild posting placements and chalk stencils allows you to reach your audience while they’re walking around their city and looking up OR down!


Covering those boring scaffoldings or splashing your logo on the sidewalk is a surefire way to grab the attention of passersby and leave a lasting impression.


Additionally, the guerilla nature of these media placements gives brands the opportunity to pop up in unexpected locations and even swap locations throughout a campaign duration. 


These types of campaigns, while guerilla, can also be very targeted. We don’t buy into the spray and pray tactic so we dive into our clients' consumer profiles, find out where they will be and try to get as close to those target areas as possible.

The next time you’re thinking about how to reach more consumers with your campaigns, reach out to Moderne to learn more about including chalk stencil and / or wild postings in your media mix! 



Post by Moderne Communications
April 29, 2022