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Moderne’s favorite digital marketer, Mike Kupfer,  reminded us of the word “Phygital,” that came up in a recent Forbes article. So, we decided to do an update on an oldie but a goodie…. turns out we may have been a little ahead of our time when we originally posted this blog back in 2015.


Ignoring the fact that it’s extremely fun to say over and over again (or don’t), this new term, “Phygital,” is a very real and very important practice in the current marketing industry. Phygital Marketing is the merging of the digital and physical realms. More and more companies are applying this to their programs as they are conscious of the fact that our world is becoming much more digital and cloud-based. According to Altimeter group's Rebecca Lieb, "Digital is everywhere, and it's soon going to be literally everything." 


Alternatively, companies realize that to really drive the message home and make it personal to the consumer, you still need that physical aspect. These types of programs can take the form of a consumer sharing branded photos via Twitter that they captured while at a major clothing brand’s Pop-Up Shop or even a grocery shopper using an augmented reality app on their smartphone that actually points out the sales in each aisle as they browse them. The consumers love the marriage of these two strategies and we are certain that Phygital Marketing is a trend that will be sticking around for some time. We at Moderne are certainly excited to be tracking it.


Today’s question is, how has the Phygital world changed over the last seven years? On Moderne’s end we see more clients incorporating QR codes that launch landing pages worked into media (be it chalk stencils or posters), social powered vending machines that share your message while providing a tangible takeaway for consumers, or even NFTs as a gift for attendees and more. Events in the metaverse? They’re definitely happening. The thought on many marketers’ minds is “how do we create new and unique offerings while still staying true to consumers’ need for in-person experiences?” Phygital experiences are key to remaining relevant. But brands must remember where they came from and execute these blended activations in a way that does not alienate their consumers.



Post by Moderne Communications
Sep 21, 2022 12:45:00 PM