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You need 60 Brand Ambassadors for an activation … and you’re not sure where to start. Who do you call? Moderne.

There are a lot of logistics that go into planning a street team.  Where will it be, what is the demographic target, what’s the message your brand wants to deliver, what are the end goals?  Are you looking for mass distribution to build brand awareness or drive traffic to your site and increase sales?  Our team has the expertise to help answer these questions and execute a program seamlessly. 

Here’s an example of a program we executed for a client.  Moderne was tasked with planning and activating a three-week-long street team plus media experience in New York City, with 60 Brand Ambassadors and 27 permitted Wild Posting locations. The brand’s goal was to connect with and engage commuters, students, and young professionals at high foot traffic locations. Moderne hit the ground running, utilizing its experienced team of Brand Ambassadors to fully staff the team and its hyper-targeting capabilities to identify key locations for the activations and media placements.

band ambassador handing out a sample to pedestrian in nyc


For this campaign, we completed a 15-day, multi-location schedule, which targeted high foot traffic subway stations, large universities, airport metros, business offices, and popular commuter hubs in boroughs. The street teams distributed over 242,000 promo cards and produced over 1.7 million consumer impressions.

In conjunction with the street team activation, the Moderne team placed 27 permitted Wild Posting placements in New York City and Brooklyn. The Wild Postings echoed the messaging of the street teams, allowing the client to have multiple touch points with consumers, thus building brand awareness and recognition, and earned an additional 9M+ media impressions.

IMG_8206 (1)


Brands turn to street teams to help create hype and connect with their audience.  Having an effective strategy in place with well-defined KPIs is the first step in executing any successful marketing campaign.  Whether you are launching a new product or trying to expand into a new market, brand ambassadors and street teams are a great way to elevate brand awareness, create an authentic connection with your audience, and ultimately drive business.

The next time you have a program that seems almost impossible, don’t hesitate to contact Moderne – we get the job done right, every time.

Post by Moderne Communications
Jan 17, 2024 12:06:44 PM