By Moderne Communications on April 06, 2021

Let Your Brand Be Seen During Quarantine

Strange times for mankind - with all non-essential businesses shut down, many of us have nowhere to go so we’re doing our best to stay inside and keep our social distance. When we do venture out for the “necessities,” it is definitely less frequently and with more caution. Stepping out for fresh air, running to the supermarket, doing a birthday drive by, or even checking in on family members (from a distance), have become our only escape.

Even though the hustle in many cities slowed down and people may think that advertising is “taking a break” there are still plenty of opportunities for brands to reach consumers during this period of social distancing! Without ever leaving the house people are exposed to a variety of advertisements; messages of influence are still being sent and received.

Moderne specializes in creative OOH marketing solutions, and we have some suggestions to get your brand message to your target audience, even during a pandemic. While your customer is at home you can reach them with mailers, social and digital content, advertising on masks (there’s a new opportunity!), and even pizza boxes for a message sure to be seen.

When they go outdoors seeking some fresh air and sanity, you can reach them with mobile billboards, bus/taxi ads, bus shelter ads, even poster signage. Another consideration is targeting consumers during their weekly trip to the supermarket with grocery cart ads.

After weeks of social isolation many consumers are delighted if they’re lucky enough to see a beautiful chalk graphic, or even a childishly scrawled drawing on the sidewalk nearby. Social network feeds are full of trending chalk drawings and creative art. Your brand has a unique opportunity to participate with custom stencils sharing your own message.

During these times people will see your ads even while practicing social distancing. The advertising show goes on, and it’s an opportunity to get into your audience’s minds and hearts! With the average human attention span being 8 seconds, you have a short time to make a big impact. No matter which method of advertising you choose, Moderne can help bring your vision to life!

Published by Moderne Communications April 6, 2021