Are your marketing tactics part of the clutter that gets cleared out and discarded as a new year filled with resolutions to simplify begins? Clutter is defined as a crowded or confused mass or collection, and that doesn’t sound good under any circumstances! In the marketing world that clutter further translates to the large volume of advertising messages that the average consumer is exposed to on a daily basis.

A 2019 study indicated that on average a consumer can be exposed to nearly 1,500 ads per day - and that was before the pandemic “glued to screen” phenomenon. A methodized approach takes into account the evolving landscape of consumer focus and attention span and enables brands to cut through clutter and get to the right person on the right platform.

You can cut through the clutter by advertising on vehicles or objects seen by the public such as sidewalks, taxicabs, buses, restroom walls, subway tunnels parking lots, and various essential businesses. Consumers are exposed to your ads where they commute, shop, worship, and just plain spend time outdoors to get a breath of fresh (masked!) air.

According to CHRON, the Internet has rapidly evolved as a prominent advertising forum in the 21st century. Box ads, widgets, text link ads and pop-up ads are all over the web. However, due to the cluttered environment, Internet users are largely desensitized to ad messages. The click-through rate on typical online ads is well under 5 percent which means people are not interacting with digital ads like they used to. 1

A business that spends wisely can succeed as communication clutter decreases, advertising cost drops, and share of voice increases. And it can stay ahead; research shows advertising aggressively in tough economic times increases sales as well as profits…. Think of it as using a “sniper” instead of a “shotgun” approach.

This is probably not the time for radical innovation and risky endeavors, but for relatively simple customer-centric differentiation. Brands should try to understand what customers need most and what problems they can solve for them with a view to winning customer loyalty in the long term. 2

Moderne continues to pride itself on the ability to reach YOUR target audience where they are and when they’re (even unconsciously) susceptible to your message. Make a connection, and be sure it’s personal and memorable for it to work for both your brand and your audience.

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Post by Moderne Communications
April 6, 2021