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1. Clutter in the Digital Realm

With a mad dash to be able to communicate to consumers as they were forced to stay inside and quarantine, the digital field was swamped with ads and marketing messages. Everyone was spending more and more time on their phones and computers either because of work or for entertainment. The space became so bogged down with advertising that consumers felt overwhelmed and began to digest fewer and fewer ads. Wild posting is a great way to catch consumers attention when they’re fed up with staring at their phones. It finds them at a time when they’re spending less time looking down and more time enjoying the world around them.

2. On the Move

Now that restraints due to quarantining loosened up a little, people are trying their hardest to make it outside and find some normalcy. They’re eager to get outside, go for walks, exercise, go on road trips, and explore more than the inside of their house. This is the perfect time to grab their attention.

3. Completely Contactless

Wild posting is unique because unlike other experiential marketing tactics, these ads are completely contactless. You can interact with your consumer while staying at a safe distance. You’re able to remove yourself from the clutter of the digital realm while still interacting with consumers in a safe manor.

We always recommend Wild Posting campaigns because of their ability to target high foot trafficked areas and reach a large number of people. During this time, however, Wild Posting is an especially useful vehicle to get your message to your consumer.

Want to learn more about executing a Wild Posting campaign? Reach out to Moderne and we will get the ball rolling for you!


Post by Moderne Communications
April 06, 2021