“It is execution that determines the success of most of the ideas and the people behind it. ... It is important to accept that there is a difference between 'having the right idea' and 'doing it right'. Once an idea is conceived, it is paramount to dispassionately evaluate the idea to understand if it would work.” - Bhawna Agarwal, 2017

You can have an amazing idea, a simple concept, but without successful execution the event can go south. The execution is the part that will impact your audience and bring life to your event. You want to make sure that you have the right team equipped with the proper tools for the execution to be flawless. One hiccup can tarnish your brand's image.

Ideas should be carefully considered as they are the center focus. The idea is the creative spark that ignites greatness. It is the foundation on which you build a strong program or event. It is easy to go overboard, so be sure that the idea hits all the goals of the client. Ideas have a tendency to grow out of control so be sure the Idea can be translated into action within the budget and timeframe limitations.

The execution is the space where your audience experiences a sense of relation and enjoyment - something that they both witness and are a part of. A great execution will stay with your audience forever if it is flawless. There is a great deal of work that goes into the execution as you make sure your “i”s are dotted and your “t”s are crossed. You must be detailed and make sure you have all angles covered, including backup plans should something go awry. A great execution always has a distinct game plan, that ideally includes a few alternative options when last minute decisions have to be made based on the unforeseen - weather, traffic, pandemic! The onsite execution team must know their roles. Further, it is important to speak with the individuals who play a part in the event to make sure they understand their responsibilities and answer any of their questions. Your team is your brand voice, they are the people who will bring the event to life and impress your target audience with a slice of fun!

When you start with a first-class idea and partner it with an exquisite execution you, your client, and your audience all win!

Idea + Execution = Solution

Post by Moderne Communications
April 14, 2021