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By Moderne Communications on April 06, 2021

What will be the new handshake alternative?

President Trump suggested on March 26, that “maybe people aren’t going to be shaking hands anymore.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, a favorite among many these days, says he “would not be too upset with the concept of not shaking hands.” For years infectious disease specialists said that shaking hands is “a terrible custom from an infectious disease standpoint.”

Shaking hands dates back to the 5th century B.C. in Greece where it was not only a symbol of peace but also a sign of neither party concealing a weapon.

So how do we substitute for a long-standing gesture of peace and agreement? Humans worldwide will have to consider first whether we go back to shaking hands to greet each other or to close a deal. There are many options to choose from, some of which are listed below with pros and cons. The biggest question, should it become universal that shaking hands is no longer considered appropriate, or will another symbol become as widely used? Food for thought as we ponder life after the pandemic!

Published by Moderne Communications April 6, 2021