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As you plan your event, you strive to cover every detail, yet some things might inevitably slip your mind.  So, we've compiled a list of frequently overlooked yet crucial items to remember for your next activation (in no particular order).

  1.  Have your BAs show up at least 30 minutes early, especially on the first day of the event. Clients usually expect the team to be on the scene ahead of time but often miss noting this during the contracting phase and skip setting aside funds for these extra minutes. Make early arrival a standard practice to keep everything on track and stress-free!

  2. Give yourself a generous time cushion for day one setups. The first day is always a wild card - you never know how long getting everything just right will take. Our tip? Play it safe and plan for extra time. It’s better to be ready and relaxed than rushed and rattled!

  3. Make sure to schedule a breakdown for cleanup at the end of the day. Just because the event’s done doesn’t mean the job is! Just like you prep before a big game, plan for some post-event time to stash the swag, spruce up the space, and snip any loose ends. Wrap things up right to keep everything neat and tidy!

  4.  Prep your team with training sessions before the event day—it's showtime from the moment they step on site! You want them arriving ready to roll, fully briefed and eager to execute their duties without a pause for directions.

  5. Provide your staff with the event setup ahead of time. They’ll get to eyeball the game plan, throw in their two cents, and be set to spring into action the moment they hit the ground. It’s all about making the day of the event as smooth as possible!

  6. Always stash some cash for those just-in-case scenarios! There’s always that one thing the onsite team will need unexpectedly—perhaps umbrellas for a surprise shower, a black sharpie for last-minute signage, or even a broom for a quick clean-up. To dodge the rain without waiting for urgent client approvals, pad your initial contract with a contingency fund. This pre-approved budget keeps you prepared for any little emergencies that might pop up.

  7. Set aside some funds for the post-party pack-up. Often, clients will send more swag and supplies than needed without a game plan for the aftermath. Plan ahead to decide what gets recycled, what’s headed for the trash, and what can live to see another event. Keep the cleanup tidy and trouble-free by prepping early and budgeting wisely!

What are things you often forget? Feel free to reach out to Moderne with your feedback or if you need someone to help you with remembering the details!

Post by Moderne Communications
May 1, 2024 11:30:00 AM