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When planning out your event you do your very best to a ccount for all of the odds and ends, but it’s impossible for you to remember everything. So, we put together a list of the most commonly forgotten, but very important things to remember when planning out your next activation (in no particular order).

  1. Have BAs arrive a minimum of 30 minutes early, especially on the first day of the event. Clients often want the team onsite early but forget to note this during the contracting process and don’t budget funds for the extra time.
  2. Budget more than enough time for day one set up. You never really know how long the first day of an event set up is going to take. Our recommendation is to err on the side caution and budget more than enough time.
  3. Ensure you allocate time at the end of the day for breakdown. Even though the event is over for the day, someone still needs to clean everything up! Similar to time for prepping ahead of a shift, you also need to account for the team to put the swag in storage, clean up the area, and tie up any loose ends.
  4. Train the team before the day of the event. You want your staff to arrive onsite ready to take on their responsibilities, not needing to receive direction and taking time away from the task at hand.
  5. Provide staff with a layout for the event setup. Similar to training people before they arrive, it’s a great practice to provide the team with a layout of how the event set up should look before they arrive onsite. That way they can review it, ask any questions, and get right to work on the day of the event.
  6. Budget contingency money for last minute purchases. There is always something the onsite team will end up needing – be it umbrellas, a black sharpie, or a broom. To ensure you aren’t waiting for an urgent approval from the client while it’s pouring down rain you should include contingency money on the initial contract so that you have pre-approved funds for any emergencies that pop up.
  7. Make sure you reserve funds for end of program needs, such as time for a staff member to ship remaining items back, and of course extra boxes and shipping. Clients often send more than enough supplies and branded items for an event but don’t think about what will happen to those materials when the program is over. Develop a plan in advance for returning any materials, decide what is going in the trash, what can be reused, and who will facilitate this process.

What are things you often forget? Feel free to reach out to Moderne with your feedback or if you need someone to help you with remembering the details!

Post by Moderne Communications
April 6, 2021