By Moderne Communications on April 06, 2021

We Are 'Contactless'

We are Experiential, we are Media, and we are Strategy.

Most importantly during these unprecedented times; however, we are “contactless.” As Moderne evolves with the changing world, we look to enlighten and pique the interest of those searching for unique offerings that surprise and delight the everyday consumer. As the lifestyle of many changes ever so quickly, marketers are looking for new, exciting ways to reach their target audience, no matter the new obstacles.

Hoping to engage those still living and working at home? Want to ensure they feel safe and heard? Targeted mailers, door hangers, door distribution, geo-targeting, and virtual events are the perfect approach to connect to these consumers in a personalized way.

For those consumers eager to re-emerge into society, brands should grab their attention in a non-traditional format. There are numerous ways to present your brand or company to on-the-move consumers. Whether you are trying to target an audience at essential stores, public transportation hubs, or high foot traffic areas, there is a how and a way! Moving targets, specifically, mobile billboards, railroad platform ads, bus shelters, glass trucks, and pedicabs are the perfect tactics for pedestrians to see your brand message while out and about in the community.

Other ways to get passersby to stumble upon your message while wandering through the public is by creating eye-catching statement pieces. We can achieve this through poster media, chalk stencils, art murals, and/or digital projections. By putting something directly in their field of view, you will not just gain attention, but also leave a lasting impression.

Since contactless marketing is already our bread and butter, Moderne is confident that you will find value in utilizing these services for the remainder of 2020. Just because the future is unknown, doesn’t mean your marketing plans should be too!

Published by Moderne Communications April 6, 2021