By Moderne Communications on February 28, 2018

The New E=MC

You don't need to know physics to know the new E=MC. Yes, E=mc2 is Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula. Its also the name of a Mariah Carey album. But we're not talking about either (at least not here) and we're not squaring "c". So what is the new E = MC? Well the "E" is our favorite thing - experiential. And the MC? It's Moderne Communications of course.

After 10 consecutive years as a Top 100 Event Marketing agency, we're continuing the celebration with the services we offer to our clients every single day. So be on the lookout for #eequalsmc and if you see us, say hello! When you think of experiential, think of Moderne. It's what we love.


Published by Moderne Communications February 28, 2018