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When was the last time you used a day of paid time off (PTO)? Has it been a while? If that’s the case look at your calendar and schedule one ASAP! 


You may be asking, “what? Why do I need to take a day off if I don’t have another obligation?” but it’s not that simple! PTO is actually extremely important to your work atmosphere. It benefits not only you, but also your co-workers, employees, and employer. According to research done for “State of the American Vacation,” data “consistently shows the health benefits of taking vacation time, like improved productivity, lower stress and better mental health.” 


“American workers left a record number of vacation days on the table … [in 2018] — 768 million days, up 9% from 2017—according to new research from the U.S. Travel Association, Oxford Economics and Ipsos.”


Today’s culture has shifted towards being “always on,” but when you put in work day after work day you need a break. PTO is time to escape the daily grind and allows for reset, refocus, relaxation, and recharge. 


Employees who are overworked and stressed will burn out eventually. The last thing anyone wants is for their employer or employees to be overwhelmed. It decreases productivity, causes loss of passion, and task completion times inflate. 


At the end of the day, smart employers give their employees PTO, holiday breaks, or even shut down the office for a mental health day, and smart employees make the most of their PTO; it is part of their compensation package after all. 


With that said, it is important that there is a balance with your work life as well as your personal life. Whenever you feel exhausted or just need a break don’t hesitate to ask for an extended weekend or take the week to get back to your full potential!

Post by Moderne Communications
May 24, 2022 2:43:55 PM