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By Moderne Communications on December 17, 2018

Professional Referrals ….. Priceless For Growing Your Business

Referrals, also known as word of mouth marketing, seem to be less talked about in the age of social media and digital marketing. While many brands and businesses focus on growing through the newest technical advances in the marketing world, we still feel strongly that old school rules. Referrals are far more challenging to get but the actual value of them is much greater. Keep reading to find out why we believe referrals are priceless to growing your brand.


Trusted Source
The source of the referral is perhaps the strongest part. The person recommending and offering complimentary words is a real person who was not prompted to talk about why they like your business so much. They are not a paid ad or a social media post. The referral source is instantly more trustworthy as the referrals are organic and from a third party. They are also very possibly from a person the potential client knows and trusts to share accurate information.

Referrals can speak directly to their experiences with your services
Who better to advocate for your business services than someone who has experienced them firsthand? Clients who have worked with you directly can share what they love about working with you and the quality and success of your work better than anyone else can. They may even bring up some benefits to working with you that you may not have even thought of!

Referrals Multiply
They say kindness is contagious and we believe that, especially when it comes to referrals! The act of sharing referrals inspires this action within new clients - they’ll be agreeable to pass on their good news about your business just as it was passed on to them!

Published by Moderne Communications December 17, 2018