Moonshot - a very challenging and innovative project or undertaking.

When you have a moonshot moment (it’s really a word, you can look it up), what do you do first? Our strategy is to divide and conquer. We love a challenge and embrace an opportunity to use our unique interpretations to surprise and delight.

We start with a brainstorm session where we collaborate and hypothesize about everything that comes to mind, not concerning ourselves at this point with whether something is actually doable IRL. Sometimes this step is lengthy, sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s even unproductive. Yet we’re consistent in starting this way since it gives us the freedom to explore without limitation. We like to be bold!

Once we list all the possibilities, we take a break. Yes, we do believe in breaks for many reasons, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

When we have a somewhat workable list, our operations team builds out the best execution for the project. There are multiple factors when considering how we execute each element of a program: quality, price, and availability are three of the primaries.

Once we’ve determined our best recommendation for the program we prepare and present to the client. We make our presentations both detailed and visually expressive, so they can see our ideas come to life as they will for the target consumer.

Based on client feedback, we might go back to the drawing board or rethink costs and fabrications for the best outcomes. We always want to make sure we get and give the best value. We’re nimble and we expect the same from our relationships; we share the goal of exceeding client expectations.

Next steps vary by program and complexity once we collaborate with the client based on our latest or updated recommendations. If adjustments are needed, we make them, always in consideration of the best possible solution and value. We’re proud when we’ve come up with a win on our first draft, yet we’re committed to building as many iterations as necessary to achieve our goal.

Drafting a comprehensive proposal is key to a meticulous contract, so we approach this step with our best content creators with the greatest understanding of all moving parts. Once the proposal is audited for accuracy and inclusion it’s sent off to the client for their review. When we’ve done our due diligence (which is always!) we move seamlessly to the contract signing and timeline creation. We provide deliverables for both agency and client by due date to keep the progress measurable and transparent.

We move logically back to divide and conquer mode, where we each do our part to contribute to the finished product. Having laid the foundation with critical attention to detail each contributor can move forward with their specialty. We do the touch bases and the check ins as needed, yet we find that our commitment to good research and planning from the start enable us to move along with deliverables and even pivot when/if necessary. Staying ideally one step ahead but always on schedule is a given at Moderne.

We start and end each program with the goal of exceeding expectations, and we do what it takes to make it happen every time. Our clients range from small and local to highly recognizable and national; each deserves and receives our attention and should feel like our ONLY client. That is how we measure success, and that’s how we make

Post by Moderne Communications
July 7, 2021