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During this time many people are staying away from large crowds and respecting social distancing. However, people still need to get out of the house whether it is walking outside to get some fresh air, going to the convenience store or supermarket to pick up groceries or necessities.

Place Based media is a great way to get your message out to your consumers since they don't need to converse or directly interact with anyone. They will see your brand message placed inside of venues within their community. Another potential touch point is a Wild Posting Campaign! While the neighborhood might be slightly quiet, people will still see your message if they are walking, driving, or even riding a bike. The power of poster media has been proven over the years and it is known that if your poster is placed inside of a venue the average consumer will view it a minimum of two times. You are encouraged to include a promo code, QR code, and/or your website so that your target audience can find more details about your company/product - and maybe take advantage of a special offer.

Contact us below for more information on how we can assist you with reaching your target audience during these rapidly changing times!

Post by Moderne Communications
April 06, 2021