You see a poster in the street displaying a message  

Someone is wearing a branded t-shirt 👕

You receive a promo coupon in the mail 

You may be on your phone and an ad pops up directing you to some place or showing you a sale at your favorite store 👜 

You find yourself on social media and a banner ad is displayed on your screen

You’re walking down the street to get some coffee, you look down and see some chalk stencils   

You see a mobile truck displaying a message 🚚

You might see a digital projection on a tall building  📽️

While you are out you see a team of people dressed alike handing out samples or taking someone’s information on a tablet 📲

You read a magazine and see numerous products that interest you or read about a company that you admire 📰


When you take a drive you see billboards with a new movie coming out   🎬


Listening to the radio you hear commercials which try to gain your interest  📻

There is a bumper sticker on the car in front of you

You might even walk down your street and see a pop up store that it is new in the area so you go check it out


You see a line out the door of a coffee shop and decide that you might also be in the mood for some ☕


You’re in the supermarket and see people handing out free samples so you go over and try it for yourself  

You’re on the beach and see a plane with a message tailing it and can’t help but to read it ✈️

You see an event or festival that you’ve been hearing about

You see bus shelters with ads on the exterior, and notice that the bus itself has advertisements on it too 🚌

You see taxi cabs with the taxi tops displaying a message  🚖

And then you finally make it home and it’s time to relax 

You turn on the tv to unwind and after watching about an hour of your favorite show you realize that you’ve also seen about 14 minutes of commercials 📺


These are all marketing tactics that happen in everyday life. The power of marketing is everywhere you turn.  



Post by Moderne Communications
April 6, 2021