By Moderne Communications on April 06, 2021

How to Keep Your Team Motivated During the Holidays!

Picture this – it’s the end of Q4 / early Q1, client teams everywhere are doing their annual planning and your programs are coming to an end before the uptick in Q1 activations. The hustle of holiday programs is over, and your team is at a loss for what to do to fill the lull of these weeks. Well take it from us, now is the perfect time to reflect, revise, and reinvigorate!

Below are our recommendations on keeping your team motivated (read: busy) during this time – and it’s not with “busy work!”

  1. Annual planning – Look back at the past year, make a list of lessons learned and ask your team how you can improve. Take these lessons and apply them to the following year, while also setting new goals.
  2. Begin working on your calendar – Review recurring events and tasks and add them to your calendar. There might be something that you do each week and don’t even realize it or you can help yourself by calendaring lead follow ups so you have dedicated time to reach back out to your contacts.
  3. Create content – Use the slower times to build up your content library! Write blogs, create evergreen social content, take a walk down memory lane and find photos you forgot about so that once things get busy you have a backlog to reference.
  4. Take it easy – Don’t forget to appreciate the slow down so that you get a chance to reflect and recharge for the new year.

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Published by Moderne Communications April 6, 2021