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By Moderne Communications on November 12, 2018

How To APPLY For A Job

Looking for your next career opportunity?  Take time to sharpen your tools before you jump in.


For some people, applying to jobs can feel like an intimidating process. Here at Moderne we like to make things fun, so as we gathered our tips together we thought the most fun way to share the tips was an acronym. Is it a little kooky? Yes. But is it more fun? Yes! Keep reading to check out Moderne's tips for APPLYing to a job.

A Resume – title your resume with your name and the date only. Update as needed.  Remember when you submit your resume the title stays, so don’t have your professional resume titled unprofessionally!

Profile – be sure your social media profile  is up to date and reflects both your skills and your personality.  A photo on LinkedIn is a good way for potential employers to get a sense of who you are as a person, not just as a set of skills and experience.

Possible Sites – check out multiple sites (Indeed, Glassdoor, Robert Half, Ladders, Career Builder) and use keywords related to your field to search.

Look up interesting companies – check out the company if you see a posting that seems like a match: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, google the company.

You must follow instructions – if a cover letter is requested, include one!  If a PDF resume is requested, be sure yours is in PDF form; conversely if a Word doc is required be sure you reformat to Word before sending.  And remember the title should be accurate!

Good Luck!  Remember, you only need to find ONE right opportunity!

Published by Moderne Communications November 12, 2018