By Moderne Communications on April 06, 2021

Five Best Practices for Quickly Turning Around RFPs

Quick turnarounds … even though we all know they are a reality of the marketing industry, it doesn’t mean your team needs to struggle (or drop everything they are doing and panic) to make a quick turnaround happen.

Below are five of Moderne’s best practices for quickly turning around RFPs:

  1. Read and re-read the RFP: Make sure everyone on the team has gone through the document and understands EXACTLY what the client is looking for. This will prevent you from doing unnecessary work.
  2. Meet with your team: Seems simple, but after reviewing independently get your team together to review, ensure everyone is on the same page, and think of any questions that need to be asked of the client.
  3. Send the client questions: You need to get a comprehensive list of questions to the client as soon as possible! The sooner they clarify any outstanding items the sooner your team can get to work.
  4. Divide and conquer: Divide the responsibilities of the RFP based on each of your teammates’ skill set. Establish a deadline for the work to be completed for internal review and designate someone (or even a few people) to be the editor and have a final review of the submission.
  5. Send that RFP: Get that RFP out! Sometimes our best work is executed on quick deadlines. Don’t be afraid to send your response to the client, after an internal review process of course.

It’s that easy! Now try our method, get those RFPs out there. And if you don’t want to try them out for yourself, always know we are here to help you and bring your (or your client’s) vision to life!

Published by Moderne Communications April 6, 2021