Time for an Audit! No, not by the IRS (cringe) but by your own team of your presence online.

Auditing your external facing resources is so important. Not only is it important to do in general, but it’s something you should be doing often. Lighten the load of doing big creative overhauls by updating copy and the images of your documents quarterly. Discuss big creative changes yearly/bi-yearly. Below we discuss where to start with your creative audit update and some things you should always be on the lookout for!

Schedule recurring events to review all marketing materials

In an effort to stay current we make sure to put monthly/quarterly events on our calendar to revisit some of the materials we frequently share with our clients. Getting fresh eyes on our marketing materials every so often gives us the chance to switch out outdated photos, update data, reword the copy, and improve the overall theme and style of the materials. We like to rotate this responsibility amongst the group, so we gain new perspectives, and it doesn’t become too much of a chore for one person. Taking turns allows us to avoid the fatigue and make changes more frequently.

Check 404s

Okay… we’re definitely guilty of this. We recently did a big website review and noticed we had a bunch of 404 errors! Oi! Not only does this bring your visitor to a page that doesn’t exist and essentially encourages them to just close out of your website altogether, but it just looks bad. Take the time every once in a while, to review your website for 404 errors and correct them! Oh, and check bad links while you’re at it!

Fix copyright to 2021 on website footer

This may seem like a tiny, insignificant detail, but when a potential client is considering you for a job and they come across something like this, it could give the impression that you don’t have great attention to detail.

Print all website pages to do an edit

We LOVE this idea! It’s so easy to miss something if you’re seeing it on a digital screen. You can’t see the entire webpage and you might miss something when you scroll. Seeing your entire webpage printed lets you catch those minor mistakes you may have missed otherwise. You can even share the pages within your team so hopefully what one person might miss another may take note of changes needed.

Consider eliminating links to social channels you don’t use

Just because there are dozens of social channels doesn’t mean your brand needs to be on every single one! Use the channels that will help elevate your brand where you want to share updates. Maybe you have a Twitter account, but it isn’t very active; this might be an account you’d choose to leave off of your website. Highlight the accounts that you put a lot of time, energy, and thought into!

Here’s your to do list, should you decide to take on this project.

  • Ensure all material is current; if it is dated consider removing dates so it does not look old
  • Can you update any of your pictures?
  • Is there copy that needs a refresh?
  • You do not want gaps in time to be visible as it looks like you went away
  • Ensure that your information is complete and accurate
  • Do you need a COVID 19 response on your site?
  • Audit all social channels

This might seem like a lot but trust us! If you divide up the work into bite sized reoccurring tasks and assign them to different people each time they’re needed, you will be more likely to gain new perspectives of eternal resources, catch new errors, or see updates that need to be made more frequently. Good luck, set up those calendar tasks and get to work!

Post by Moderne Communications
April 6, 2021