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Moderne x AIC Hotel Group 

Moderne and AIC Hotel Group teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind travel experience: Aura Wellness. This immersive experience covered everything from fitness and beauty to mental health and nutrition. Our team came up with a multi-channel marketing strategy that targeted audiences far and wide. We handpicked relevant influencers to create content that connected with their audience. The influencers posted to their social platforms to announce their partnership, offering a discounted rate to not only stay at UNICO 20°87° in Riviera Maya but also participate in the launch of Aura Wellness, a week-long travel experience.


The mission was to build brand identity, spread the word, and increase revenue for UNICO 20°87°. Moderne needed to bring Aura Wellness to life at the UNICO 20°87° hotel, giving it the recognition and buzz it deserved as a unique brand and standout event for the hotel’s future.

Campaign Elements

Our primary focus was to create an amazing event experience. We brainstormed the perfect lineup of workshops with wellness gurus and partnered with awesome brands in the fitness, nutrition, mental health, and skincare industries. But we didn’t stop there; we executed both organic and paid media, and made sure everything ran smoothly at the event. The Moderne team used their hyper-targeting capabilities to reach consumers throughout various stages of their travel planning journey with relevant and engaging content to help drive their booking decisions.

Impact and Results

The campaign resulted in nearly 200 pieces of added-value content from eight creators, achieving an average engagement rate of 15.8% with 1,802,880 impressions, 1,735,624 views, 5,686 link clicks, 3,318 shares, and 7,580 saves.

Looking back on the campaign and event, it's not just about the impressive numbers and results that leave us satisfied. What truly warms our hearts is knowing that we’ve contributed to a movement–a movement towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced way of living. At Moderne, it's not just about transforming brands; it's about making connections and having an impact on your audience and consumers. Let's reimagine your brand's journey together.


Post by Moderne Communications
Feb 7, 2024 1:30:00 PM