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Video Highlights

Video Highlights


Watch how Moderne used sustainable energy technology to "energize" and engage with consumers throughout Sunglass Hut's Electrify Your Summer Tour while powering a 10 foot synthetic sun.

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Alaska Airlines VIP Event

With Russell Wilson as a headliner, Moderne in partnership with NVE, transformed an airport hangar into a VIP experience for Alaska Airlines customers. For more details on this program, visit the Alaska Airlines case study.

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Burger King Guerrilla Media

To drive awareness and build anticipation for Burger King's new french fries, Moderne in partnership with Mother NY Agency, used guerrilla media in a disruptive, surprising and first-ever unbranded activation.

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Dreamworks Pop-Up Shop

See how Moderne transformed a blank space into a Pop-Up Retail Store. For more details on this program, visit the DreamWorks case study.

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Pampers Multicultural Event

Moderne in partnership with Citizen Relations, helped Pampers host kid-friendly events in high-traffic venues in NYC and LA.

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Président Cheese

Check out how Moderne in partnership with Lactalis American Group, broke a Guiness World Record!

Sizzle Reel 2018

Check out some of our favorite programs from 2018!

Glance back at 2019

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