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Moderne is the official U.S. Experiential Partner of Pavegen, a UK based technology company that develops smart-floor solutions for permanent and experiential based installations. Pavegen tiles convert kinetic energy harvested from people's footsteps into storable and renewable electricity. Each tile provides valuable data and analytics based on consumer interactions with seamless integration opportunities in retail, advertising, gaming, pedestrian lighting, and more.

Indoors or outdoors, Pavegen enhances events through the creation of green, clean electricity that can power event elements and generate organic buzz. Pavegen activations include fully branded customizations, social sharing of energy data, social media integrations, and the option to use the energy in real time or store it for later use. Moderne continually develops new Pavegen integrations for brands including Pavegen powered photobooths, LED dance floors, charging stations, energy battles, information kiosks, and more.