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Pampers Case Study


To produce digital-content-rich events while reinforcing the idea that when babies wear Pampers to sleep, they wake up dry, happy, and wanting to dance!


Give babies a once-in-a-lifetime crib experience that is sure to get them moving and grooving! Design and develop a custom-built oversized crib complete with LED touch sensitive flooring, a custom disco ball, and kid-friendly foods and beverages. Increase visibility by identifying and securing high-traffic venues for the events in NYC and Los Angeles. Generate viral worthy content by inviting celebrities Ali Larter and Roselyn Sanchez and encourage them to have their babies rock out to music in the one-of-a-kind crib experience.


Winner of the Event Marketer 2015 Silver Ex Award for Best Multicultural Program
49,804,876 total media impressions

Over 300 smiling babies captured on film
58 total broadcast, digital, and print media placements
Exclusive product placement in 11 Caruso Affiliated properties in CA

Pampers #BabyGotMoves 1

Pampers #BabyGotMoves 4