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#ItMovie Experiential Marketing

Posted by Moderne Team on Sep 25, 2017 12:45:00 PM

Unless you've been living under a rock the last month, you'll know that the latest iteration of Stephen King's IT is has become a massive success. The movie isn't the only thing making headlines; the marketing campaigns for the movie have caught everyone's attention. From Pop Ups to Murals, check out how Warner Brothers promoted the biggest movie of the year below.

Pop Up House in LA

Before Stephen King fans were immersed in the world of Derry in the theatres, fans in LA got the chance to immerse themselves in the iconic house from It. After reserving a spot online, fans were invited inside of the recreation of the 29 Neibolt Street house, located on a Hollywood street corner. Once they arrived, they were guided by a person in a yellow raincoat with a red balloon, who appeared to be the character Georgie, and were taken through a haunted house experience mirroring that of the Losers Club in the movie. See the construction of the house and snippets of the experience below and check out the full haunted house in 4K here.

Chalk Stencils in Australia

Probably the most socially shared marketing for IT was the creepy chalk stencils/red balloon combo seen in Australia. Chalk stencils saying "IT IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK" with the movie hashtag #ITMOVIE and the release date appeared on sidewalks above sewers and were accompanied by a single red balloon tied to the sewer grates. This clever guerrilla marketing appearing throughout Sydney caught the attention of people around the world just a few days before IT was out in theatres. 

Mural in New York

The It movie took the streets of New York with an artistic recreation of the classic It scene where Georgie chases his paper boat down the flooded sidewalk into the sewer grate where he meets Pennywise. This massive mural was panted on busy Canal Street and without a doubt stopped people passing by.



Months before the movie was out in theatres, Warner Bros hit the parking lots outside of San Diego Comic Con to bring attendees IT : FLOAT, a VR experience on a creepy Derry school bus. As people entered the bus, they were held in a waiting room that appeared to be the sewer tunnel, complete with smoke, mist, hot air, and of course Pennywise's laugh. Suddenly the lights go out and a door opens, revealing a school bus VR theatre where you're given a headset. To see the bus VR experience at Comic Con click here and to see the full VR check the video below!

Are you obsessed with these experiential activations as we are? Looking to do something this creative for your next marketing campaign? Contact Moderne here for more info.